ATICO Fakhreldin Group Hungry Hours featured in Tip ‘n Tag, The Weekender

One of man’s best creations is hungry hour. Face it, no matter how zen you think you are, the minute hunger strikes, you turn into a cranky goblin in search of the nearest food to consume. Forget about Gollum, the one true thing that’s precious is food. Being hangry is a real thing, and we […]


The Nub featured in Tipn’Tag Jo, The Weekender; “50 Happy Hour Spots”

There’s never a need to splurge when going out to grab a cold one with friends, that’s why happy hours in Amman exist. We know times are tough and we’re here to ease your mind while taking it easy on your wallet too. Here are 50 Happy Hour Spots that’ll save you from thinking, where […]