Choose your mood and live it at The Nub. Welcome to The Nub.


The Nub is set in a location where some great memories have been made and now it’s the time for some new ones.

If you’ve ever wondered where you can have the ideal place, where you can gather with your buds and enjoy some chugs and grubs, well you’ve found the place. Or better still, imagine your best friend as a pub, and that would be The Nub, a manifestation of your bestie!

We’ve also got you totally covered with a wide selection of beverages complimented by a great food menu which brings together old time favorites with a 21st century twist. We’ve called it ‘spontaneous comfort food’. Come and try it.
The endless sleek bar is a great chance for friends to get together and enjoy the best old and new music, to create the perfect vibe.

The rugged materials will keep you grounded, the decor will inspire worthy daydreams, and the numerous 85 inch UHD screens with comfy seating, will impress the most intense footie fan. If you’re a Billiards’ fan, you might just enjoy our unique pool table for the strangest game you’ll ever play.

Come after work to unwind and let you hair loose, or join in the fun later for a nightcap and snack. The Nub is easy going and super cool, so descend into the perfect escape anytime after 4pm, for a laidback atmosphere and don’t forget to leave your worries with your jacket at the door.

Opening Hours:

All Week from 4PM to 12AM

Opening Hours

All Week  From
4 PM to 1 AM
Call Us For Reservation : 06-566 6140 ext.3 / 79 700 2601


Most of our space is first come first serve, however we do have some spaces available for those who like to plan ahead.

Welcome To The Nub




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